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Estimates explained

All costs are estimated and are based on site visits and the information we have from you at the time. Briefs can change - this can be due to ideas being tweaked and improved along the way or due to unforeseen circumstances at the property where the works are being carried out. We maintain good communication with the client and always endeavour to achieve the best outcome on the project whilst staying on budget. That said, additional works and changes to the brief, once discussed, may be reflected in the final invoice.

Items supplied by you

In most cases the client will be supplying some materials such as kitchen/ bathroom kit or tiles. It is your responsibility to ensure these items are on site, present and correct, and free of any damage in good time of the project start date. We advise you to have these items delivered at least 2 weeks in advance of the agreed start date so you have sufficient time to rectify any damaged/ wrongly delivered items. If the items are not present and correct before the start date you may forfeit your holding deposit and a new date may need to be scheduled for the works. These cases are rare however a new holding deposit will be required to book the space again. Return visits due to missing items are chargeable and this will be discussed on site if this occurs.

Client responsibility & permission

By booking your project with us you are giving us permission to work in your property, and as a homeowner/ client, it is your responsibility to ensure the property we are working in is a safe environment with clear access and work space. Given the nature of our work, we will more than likely need to work on your heating system & boiler to drain and refill during works that involve radiators, it is your responsibility to have a safe and well serviced heating system as we are not reasonable for any existing or underlying issues. The same principles apply for the condition of the water and electrical supplies.

Parking at your property

Please inform us of the parking situation at your property in advance of the start date, if parking permits are required then you will need to provide these on our arrival. If we need to pay to park on the street then we need to be informed and this will be reflected in your final invoice.

Holding deposits explained

In most cases a holding deposit is required to book the space with us. This amount will be deducted from your final invoice. The deposit is not only a show of commitment to the project but necessary to confirm the booking. If you postpone or cancel then you may lose your deposit. On very rare occasions, Rep Tiling Services may need to change a start date, however this is something we work very hard to avoid and if this occurs your holding deposit would be valid against new dates.

VAT & payments explained

We may ask you for a stage payment via bank transfer during the project and this will be agreed over email. All invoices are due on receipt and your prompt payment is appreciated. All costs are subject to VAT @ 20%

Rep Tiling Services VAT Registration number 430943506

Waste clearance

As part of our service we will remove the waste generated by the work we carry out only, this is usually removed on the last day of the project by a licensed waste collection service.

Warranty & after care

We are very proud of the work we carry out and we work alongside our clients to ensure a good working relationship from first contact to completion, our aim is to have long standing clients who recommend us in years to come. The standard warranty on the installations we provide is 12 months from the date of the final invoice.

Please contact James with any questions relating to this document. 07739 394261 or

 Thanks for your time and we look forward to working with you!

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